Here's what to expect on the new How Disney Built America History Channel series!

The History Channel is giving Walt Disney a great focus in the new docudrama series How Disney Built America! Here's a look at what to expect in the show!
Celebrating the park's 50th Anniversary, visitors to Disney's Magic Kingdom pass a statue of Walt
Celebrating the park's 50th Anniversary, visitors to Disney's Magic Kingdom pass a statue of Walt / Garret Roberts / USA TODAY NETWORK

If anyone deserves a multi-episode series about himself, it's Walt Disney. Now the History Channel is doing it in a fantastic new docuseries, How Disney Built America. Here's a look at what to expect!

Near the end of his life, Walt Disney best summed up his legacy by saying he was no longer just a man but "all this is Walt Disney." That's proven true as his name covers movies, theme parks, and more. He changed the game for so many industries, giving birth to animated features, the modern theme park, and technology that made his name recognizable around the world. 

Surprisingly, there's never been a full biopic of Walt despite how his life seems so obvious for it. The closest was Tom Hanks playing him in Saving Mr. Banks although that was more about Walt's conflicts with P.L. Travers (Emma Thompson) during the making of Mary Poppins. 

Much has been written about Walt, both good and bad, but at last, the History Channel is giving him his due with How Disney Built America. It's part of the network's various series that focus on how anything from food to cars to certain people changed the nation. They're putting the spotlight on Walt, as the show will mix interviews with various historians, Disney employees, and others to discuss Walt. 

The show will also have dramatizations of Walt's life, showing how he rose up from humble beginnings to animator, studio chief, founding Disneyland, and more. It will also explore his relationship with brother Roy, who helped with the business side of things. Here's a quick rundown of each episode:

"The Birth of Mickey" (April 28): After losing creative control of Oswald the Rabbit, Walt is inspired to create Mickey Mouse and his Steamboat Willie becoming the first sound animated film, launching his incredible career. 

"Animation Expansion" (May 5): As his studio grows, Walt takes a gamble on the first animated feature, Snow White and the Seven Dwarves. Its success created a new golden age of animated films until World War II changed the studio's focus.

"Building Disneyland" (May 12): Still smarting from WWII, Walt takes the greatest chance imaginable with Disneyland, overcoming a rough opening to create the magical theme park experience fans still love today. 

"Merchandise Madness" (May 19): Long before anyone else, Disney was unlocking the potential in merchandising. From the 1930s onward, it shows how Disney paved the way for scores of companies to merchandise their wares.

"Walt Disney World and Epcot" (June 2): As the 1964 World's Fair leads to breakouts in technology, Disney makes his plans to create his own utopian city in Florida. Only for his death in 1966 to leave the company reeling. 

"Imagineering the Future" (June 9): Examining Disney's influence since Walt's passing with a look at theme parks, cruise ships and more and how Disney remains faithful to Walt's vision. 

The mix of dramatizations with the interviews promises a fantastic look at Walt's life and a reminder of how the man shaped so much of today's culture in ways many still may not realize. For any Disney buff, this new series is a must-watch.

How Disney Built America premieres Friday April 28 at 10/9c on The History Channel.