Here's when Disneyland's Pixar Place Resort officially reopens!

Disneyland's Paradise Pier Hotel is becoming Pixar Place! Find out when the change happens and what's in store for the remodeled spot!
Paradise Pier at Disney's California Adventure
Paradise Pier at Disney's California Adventure / Richard Cummins Photography, Inc./GettyImages

Get ready for a change at Disneyland. The company has announced the official reopening date for the newly named Pixar Place Hotel this January. 

Originally opened in 1984 as the Emerald Hotel of Anaheim, the resort became the Pan Pacific Hotel, one of the many resorts right by Disneyland. In 1995, Disney purchased it as part of their preparation plans for what became California Adventure, renaming it the Disneyland Pacific Hotel. In 2001, it was renamed the Paradise Pier Hotel thanks to its closeness to the Paradise Pier section of California Adventure. 

With that section becoming Pixar Pier, it’s logical a name change for the hotel happens too. Disney has been going all out with a massive reconstruction of the hotel into Pixar Place. The hotel has been open during the remodeling, albeit with some areas “phased closed” in stages. 

Now, Disney has announced the formal name change will take place on January 30, 2024. It looks to be a great addition, as the entire place has been remodeled for the Pixar movies. 

What’s new for The Pixar Place Hotel?

Disney released news, including concept art for the lobby featuring Luxo, the lamp mascot for Pixar, atop a ball with a mobile of Pixar characters. The rooms will feature new artwork of Pixar characters, while the pool area already has a Finding Nemo-styled water slide and splash pad with characters from The Incredible, Inside Out, and more. 

The main gift shop has been renamed Store-E, and November sees the opening of the new Grand Maple restaurant. Disney gave a peek at this American eatery menu, including “Cajun Shrimp & Cheddar Biscuit Benedict, Soda Pop-Braised Baby Back Ribs, Charred Cauliflower Hummus, Maple Pecan-Crusted Salmon, Market Fish, a variety of inspired salads” and more. 

Following that will come the Sketch Pad cafe in the main lobby with coffee and cakes and the Small Bytes bar for the rooftop pool, featuring drinks, ice cream and quick snacks. There’s even a Mike and Sully mural for the fitness area. 

While Paradise Pier will continue to operate with these changes for the rest of 2023, 2024 sees the official name change and Pixar Place Hotel becoming a new spot for families to stay while enjoying Disneyland to the fullest!