Hollywood Studios at Disney World has rides you don't want to miss

When you visit Hollywood Studios you may want to add these five rides to your list of things you have to do at the park, no matter how long the line is.
Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge Walt Disney World Resort Opening
Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge Walt Disney World Resort Opening / Gerardo Mora/GettyImages

Is there ever a must-do list at Hollywood Studios in Orlando? The park isn't so big that you can't get everything done in one trip but sometimes, you have other plans and may only wish to visit the park and then head over to another one entirely.

If that is your plan, then don't miss these five rides or you might regret it.

RIse of the Resistance - This combination of attraction and ride is a must-do for more than just Star Wars fans. There are three separate parts to this attraction come in at around 18 minutes from start to finish. You get whisked off to space, taken prisoner, and plan your escape and you can make it as immersive as you wish. I recommend not making the First Order officers mad though!

Toy Story Mania - Take a ride through a carnival set of games in 3D. Try and hit plates, shoot balls, and so much more on this midway-themed attraction that is the best of what Toy Storyland has to offer...yes, it is moderately more enjoyable than both Slinky Dog Dash and Alien Saucers.

Hollywood Tower of Terror - From the outside, it may seem daunting and it may be one of those rides you simply don't want to go on...I know I don't every time I'm there but you need to do it at least once because it is fun and you won't regret the picture they take of you when you first drop...that alone is worth the wait.

Smuggler's Run - Get recruited to join the resistance and take control of the Millenium Falcon. Pilot the ship or run it is a gunner or engineer but regardless step into the cockpit of the fastest ship in the galaxy. While getting in the cockpit is amazing, stepping onto the ship and walking the halls of Falcon is an incredible once-in-a-lifetime experience that everyone should do at least once.