How about Trick or Treat at the Disney Wilderness Campsites...yes you heard that right!

Disney's Not-So-Scary-Halloween will be coming up soon and it's hard to not throw away your money on such a great after-hours event but there is another way to have some fun!
Halloween decorations - Courtesy Carla Davis
Halloween decorations - Courtesy Carla Davis /

While Halloween is a months long celebration at Magic Kingdom across the lake sits the Wilderness Campsites and there is no reason why you can't take your little ones on a great trick-or-treating adventure that costs you nothing at all.

If you are staying at the campgrounds, whether you are in a nice cabin or a pitched tent, or an RV, you can have some fun on Halloween night without spending a fortune. The campsites are lit up in Halloween decor but not from Disney but instead, the guests themselves.

RVs typically decorate for the holidays and for Halloween, they tend to go all out as much as they do for Christmas and on Halloween night, their doors open and kids roam through the campgrounds in costume and trick or treat!

It's a wonderful experience that is both safe and fun. Going to Disney doesn't have to take away the kids opportunity to trick or treat and you don't have to shell out hundreds of dollars to take them to Magic Kingdom to do the same thing (although I will say that is quite incredibly fun with a lot more candy...and rides!)

Not all of the campers participate, much like your own neighborhoods but if you are there and you are not at a park that night, or back early from your days travels, it's a great option to walk around and meet other campers and get your big annual fix.

For those not staying in the campgrounds, you can still experience the opportunity. Take the boat from Magic Kingdom to the docks of the campsites and then hop a bus to any of the RV campsite round-a-bouts and enjoy. Just remember, you still have to take the boat back and there is no guarantees that you will come out with boatloads of delightful treats.

This is not something that Disney sanctions but something that RV owners have been doing for years now so don't let this opportunity pass you by if you are planning to stay in the only Disney RV resort!