How one little elephant has managed to keep the Kilimanjaro Safari line long

Baby Elephant Born At Walt Disney World
Baby Elephant Born At Walt Disney World / Handout/GettyImages

A newborn baby elephant has disrupted the normal wait times for Kilimanjaro Safari at Disney's Animal Kingdom and it is glorious.

Her name is Corra and she is not nearing 5 months old. She is the first African Elephant born at A.K. in 7 years and what is also most amazing is her birth mother was also born at A.K. back in 2005.

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The addition of the little sweetheart was finally allowed to enter the vast Kilimanjaro enclosure and made her debut in February. Since her arrival, guest have flocked to get a glimpse of the tiny little elephant.

Naturally, long line await. With her arrival, the wait times have increased from around 45 minutes to well over 70 minutes. It shouldn't be a surprise considering she is like a brand new attraction and let's face it, how many of us get to see a newborn baby elephant in our life? Not many!

Animal Kingdom is truly becoming one of the go-to parks at Disney World but it will likely hit a slowdown once the construction in Dinoland begins. The entire Dinoland area, including the Dinosaur ride will be shutting down sometime in the near future as Disney begins tearing it all down.

In its place will be an ENCANTO themed world and Dinosaur will be replaced with an Indiana Jones themed version of the attraction.

Overall, a lot will be changing at Animal Kingdom but for now, the draw of a little elephant is making the lines a bit longer but be warned, there is no guarantee you will see the little lady!