How to go Disney World park hopping...the right way!

Park hopping is a benefit that most Disney annual pass holders take advantage of but for many Disney World guests, purchasing a park hopper pass, while more expensive, is still a great use of time.
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So what is the perfect Disney World park hopping options for those going to the parks? Here is a look at what two days at Disney might look like with the park hopping option.


Animal Kingdom in the morning. I recommend Kilimanjaro Safari first. The animals are much more active in the morning and late afternoon due to the heat and sun. Then hit Pandora unless you rope drop the park, then hit that first and head to the safari next.

You can ride everything at Animal Kingdom, take the walk through the gorilla trail and visit the tigers while still taking in the shows before the clock strikes 1. Then head to the car and drive to your next destination.

For me, I tend to do either A.K. first and then EPCOT or Magic Kingdom. If you opt for Magic Kingdom you will likley miss the parade but that is probably all you will miss. If they are open until 11:00 that night you will be blessed with short ride wait times.

Walt Disney World in Orange County
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If there is a food or other festival at EPCOT my day ends at EPCOT and I start at Hollywood Studios. If not, I flip it.

You don't need to spend all day at Hollywood Studios and can normally hit everything in about five hours. If you leave EPCOT at 1:30 via the gondolas, you will reach the HS entrance with about 5 minutes to spare (currently you can't enter a 2nd park until 2:00).

There has been many times where I have left EPCOT headed to Hollywood and still came back to make final tour around the World Showcase.

Park Hopping three parks or all four!

While it isn't easy, park hopping to three parks in one day can be done. If you really are brave you can hit all four in one day if you simply want to say you did. While you surely won't take in everything or even ride everything, there is a way.

The simple way?

  • 8 am: Start at Animal Kingdom
  • 1 pm: Leave AK and head to Transportation Station take the monorail to EPCOT
  • 2 pm: Enter EPCOT and go to the back right of the park before the bridge to France. Take the gondola or boat to Hollywood Studios.
  • 2:45: Enter Hollywood Studios
  • 6:00 pm: Leave Hollywood via Gondola to EPCOT
  • 6:20 Enter the rear entrance of EPCOT and go towards France as you already passed through Canada and England. Hit a ride if you have time but enjoy World Showcase.
  • 8:00 pm: Leave EPCOT via monorail and head to Magic Kingdom. Walk the park and take in the fireworks. If they are open until 11:00 stay a little longer at EPCOT.
  • Leave Magic Kingdom to Transportation Station hub, find your car, and fall asleep really quickly when you get back to your hotel!