Iconic yes, but is Jungle Cruise worth the wait times at Magic Kingdom?

Jungle Cruise - One of the many attractions at Magic Kingdom
Jungle Cruise - One of the many attractions at Magic Kingdom /

The Jungle Cruise has been through a lot of changes over the years and is still one of the most popular attractions at Magic Kingdom.

Wait times for this comical boat ride can exceed 90 minutes on most days and even on the shorter side of wait times, it could still be approaching an hour. Anything less than that should be considered a bonus to your day.

After making their way through a rather long line, guests board a boat and take seats around the outside of it. From there, they embark on the adventure of a cruise through the jungles of Disney. Animatronic animals, waterfalls, snakes, and poachers are all seen on your trek. Take a trip through the Asian caves and enter a playground of bathing elephants.

For kids, this is a fun ride. I still remember it from my own childhood visits some 40-plus years ago. For adults, it's a different story. While I was able to catch it during the holiday season when it was decorated, the truth is, I often pass it by, and my kids don't mind missing it so much these days.

The enjoyment of riding the attraction the first time tends to wane toward "What else can we do?" after a few rides. I can go a couple of years without experiencing it, and then, on a whim or a fortuitous wait time, we jump on for another go-around.

Overall, it isn't a bad ride. It is geared toward children, and that makes it fun. My five-year-old loves it, but of course, he still sees things through much wider eyes, and that, too, makes it fun. The captain's jokes are fun and can induce some giggles and laughs with their delivery.

5-star rating: I rate this about a three. It's a must-do at least once, but there isn't much value in the repeat visits.