Is it time for Disney Hollywood Studios to change the name?

With one Disney park changing its name, is it time for DIsney Hollywood Studios to finally let go of the Studios name?
Disney 100 sign Hollywood Studios. Photo credit: Brian Miller
Disney 100 sign Hollywood Studios. Photo credit: Brian Miller /
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Why the Studios had to change

Like Universal, by the mid-1990s, Disney had to face up to the blunt truth that Florida was not going to become an East Coast Hollywood with movie studios flocking there. Universal had actually seemed to sense this as their Orlando park had no tram ride and more the idea of "ride the movies."

Disney realized they had to shift it up and began with the opening of Tower of Terror in 1994. It was a terrific addition, mixing Imagineering at its best with a popular TV show and a major thrill for fans. Five years later came Rock n Roller Coaster and Fantasmic to make the Studios bigger than ever. 

By the 2000s, the backstage tour was done away with and Disney prepping for rides like Toy Story Mania. It all culminated in doing away with the tram and Catastrophe Canyon to make way for Galaxy's Edge and Toy Story land. Even the Animation Building has been erased, despite Disney continuing to promote some animated movies.

Perhaps the final blow was the Great Movie Ride replaced by Mickey's Runaway Railway. That means the Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular is the only attraction remaining since 1989. It also means the Studios have outlived their initial purpose and once more if a name change is needed.