Is it time for Disney Hollywood Studios to change the name?

With one Disney park changing its name, is it time for DIsney Hollywood Studios to finally let go of the Studios name?
Disney 100 sign Hollywood Studios. Photo credit: Brian Miller
Disney 100 sign Hollywood Studios. Photo credit: Brian Miller /
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Should the Studios name change or not?

The idea the Studios should drop the later name seems logical. Universal pretty much only calls itself Universal Orlando even if guests still use the Studios part. That there's no more filming or soundstages, etc shows that Disney has gotten away from the movie-making aspect entirely. 

It's about the rides now, from Galaxy's Edge to Toy Story and more, with future attractions likely to continue playing on that. It's more of an adventure park now, and it's logical that, just as with Paris, they can use an "Adventure" style title to appeal to more folks. Some may still think of the Studios as about the movie business and not as open to it, even with the big rides of Star Wars and the like. 

Yet, the Studios do retain a following with older guests. It's also the fact that so many of the rides are tied into films, and thus, retaining a link to Hollywood makes sense. Heading into the Studios today does feel like a touch of movie-making magic in its own way and how the park still pays tribute to its past. After all, films are their own adventure, and retaining that connection still appeals to Disney fans. 

It's tricky to figure out as the argument can go both ways. Some may feel the Studios have outlived that original concept and changing the name is needed, while others think it still fits with all the movie touches and attractions. It's an intriguing debate as any changes for a Disney park are a big deal and showcases just how much the Studios has truly changed over 35 years.