It is officially fall but at Disney World it won't feel like that until late October

Walk outside and enjoy the cooling temperatures and get ready for the leaves to start changing. Fall has officially arrived but at Disney World, it still feels like summer.
Eerie lighting, fall dŽcor and Mickey Mouse-shaped Jack-O-Lanterns set the stage at Magic Kingdom
Eerie lighting, fall dŽcor and Mickey Mouse-shaped Jack-O-Lanterns set the stage at Magic Kingdom /

The summer months have finally given way to fall. Temperatures are cooling around the United States or at least most of the U.S. Earlier in the week, snow fell in parts of the upper midwest. Yet for all the soon to be changing colors of Autumn, Disney World still remains well above 80 degrees.

If you go to Disney World, you know that mid-September and October bring slight reprieves to the heat. Gone are the dog days of summer when temperatures climb into the high 90s with a "feels-like" temperature well into the 100s. This past August and late July were especially off-the-chart hot.

You will hear many Disney guests in mid-late September and October say, "It's a different kind of heat" and that is true. In August, 89 feels different from the 89 you get in October.

The next ten days will feature temperatures ranging from 84 to 91 but the bigger changes come in the evening when the sun goes down. Night time temps always dip but during the summer months, it remains humid and while it might drop from the high 90s to the high 80s, it still makes you sweat.

This week, temperatures will run from the high-60s to the mid-70s and that makes trips to the parks so much more enjoyable for those looking to take in the fireworks or extended hours...or shall we say, Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween?

Since August, when the temperatures drove guests into every shade spot they could find, Disney has displayed their Halloween decorations. They have held their trick or treat evening events at Magic Kingdom all the while guests dripped sweat.

Now, at least it feels more like fall in Orlando. The browns and oranges that line Mainstreet, U.S.A. seem more appropriate, and before too long, they will all come down so that the Christmas decorations can replace them.

Today is the first day of fall and while the temperatures during the day may not be heralding in the change of season, the evening temperatures surely will. It is that time of year when shorts and t-shirts are great during the day but at night, you wish you had longer pants.