It is time for Disney World to start selling beer at Magic Kingdom

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Magic Kingdom is the only Disney World park that doesn't sell alcohol. Well, not really but you can't buy on the street.

It's time for Disney World to stop with the "family" theme of Magic Kingdom and tap the keg. Disney needs to start selling beer at Magic Kingdom.

For years, this has been discussed by guests and cast members and Disney executives refuse to change their stance. The reason? They say they are maintaining Walt Disney's vision for a family park. O.k. Walt Disney has rolled over in his grave more than once since his passing. I doubt beer will make him do it again.

You can buy alcohol already at Magic Kingdom. At some of the upper-scale restaurants like "Be Our Guest" wine and beer is on the menu. You simply can't take it out with you.

If Disney was so worried about the impression that beer might have on the image of Walt Disney, maybe they should drop their gate prices to a more affordable day for, well, you know, "families!"

Disney continues to raise prices on merchandise, food, tickets, and everything else in between. They have decided to raise gate prices to the point most families can't afford them. Do they have any idea how much money they can make by selling beer?

So they are worried about guests getting drunk and disorderly but that doesn't seem to be a big problem at the other parks. In fact, maybe a couple of cold ones could reduce the frustration guests are experiencing at M.K.

For those that want to have a couple of beers at Magic Kingdom, you will have to bring it in through security in a container and hope you don't get caught.

At some point, this will change because there is simply too much money to be made that is being lost and when those who make these decisions realize that their numbers are going to look a lot nicer (and as the company continues to see wasted opportunity) beer will make its way to Magic Kingdom.

They may as well do us a favor and end it all right now and let the beer flow! Imagine how much you won't care for a 2-hour ride wait?