Journey of Water: Disney teases the opening of Moana-inspired walkthrough attraction at Epcot

Walt Disney World cast members will begin previewing the Epcot's Journey of Water, an all-new walkthrough attraction inspired by Moana, this week!
At EPCOT the new Moana Journey of Water is inching closer to opening. These new images show how
At EPCOT the new Moana Journey of Water is inching closer to opening. These new images show how /

For what feels like an eternity now, Epcot's views have been blocked by hideous walls. These walls were hiding the ongoing construction of Journey of Water, a new Moana-inspired walkthrough attraction.

Well this week, those walls finally came down. It seems Disney is gearing up to open the brand new attraction, posting on social media that Disney World cast members will be among the first to experience the magical, new attraction. They even released a video previewing the highly anticipated journey.

When will Journey of Water open at Epcot?

With Disney hosting cast member previews this week of Journey of Water, it's probably just a matter of days, maybe weeks at the longest before Journey of Water opens to all of the park's guests. I would venture to guess that Journey of Water will open sometime in September.

Even if we still have to wait a little while longer, at least the walls are finally down. I always like herded cattle when walking through the construction area and with larger crowds definitely felt cramped and uncomfortable. Now that the walls are gone, we can finally take in the beauty of Epcot.

As for the attraction itself, I know many would've preferred a Moana-themed ride but the walkthrough feels appropriate given the park that it's located in and the general themes of the film. Walkthroughs may not be as fun for young children who are into Moana but it at least seems like there are some water elements for them to interact and have fun with. Plus, the giant Te Fiti looks absolutely gorgeous and could easily become one of the focal points of the park now.

I imagine the Journey of Water will be quite crowded when it finally does open, so just remember to be calm, patient and courteous when walking through.