Little Mermaid "live-action" sequel update will not make some fans happy

The Little Mermaid "live-action" film was a debate from the start but what will happen when and if Disney makes a sequel? We might have an answer
"The Little Mermaid" Australian Premiere - Arrivals
"The Little Mermaid" Australian Premiere - Arrivals / Lisa Maree Williams/GettyImages

For all the negativity that surrounded the "live-action" Disney The Little Mermaid movie, the film did well at the box office and was a hit with most fans. The casting was a central part of the ongoing social media debate and hate, but in reality, Halle Bailey did a great job bringing the character to life.

The success of the film has been a point of discussion as it relates to an inevitable sequel. Disney has tried to mimic the success of its original animated piece with a second adventure that did not capture the innocence of the first feature film. Will they attempt to make a second "live-action" movie and build off the success of the first one?

According to, there currently are no plans for a second go-around in the underwater realm.

Honestly, this is a smart move. While the first film was good, it didn't blow up at the box office, and Disney found success with the movie on its digital streaming platform, Disney+. It's a lot of money to invest, but the film made over $560 million. Disney either expected more or realized that their previous attempts for a sequel didn't go over well.

The Little Mermaid's story was complete, and while there are surely avenues and water currents to explore further, there simply doesn't need to be more. Sometimes stories can simply come to a conclusion and let the fans decide what happens next in their own imaginations. Disney has raced too quickly to get sequels done in the past and we are already seeing a prequel to the live-action The Lion King film, Mustafa. Many have questioned the need for a second entry but Disney walks to their own beat sometimes. If Mustafa sees box-office success and Hercules as well, maybe Disney re-thinks The Little Mermaid plan. For now, they should simply keep it on the shelf.