Lorcana - Quick Look at Starter Decks - First Chapter

An introduction to the three starter decks from Lorcana.
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Disney Lorcana has caught the board game community by storm since its release, and many are waiting for the next wave of the First Chapter to be reprinted and look forward to upcoming expansions.

If you are new to trading card games like Lorcana, I would suggest (eventually when available) picking up a few starter decks and trying the game out. It's a great jumping-off point to get into the game, and you even get an extra booster pack to start modifying your deck in the future.

It's a great deal for any beginning player, but what cards and combinations can you expect from each day? Let's take a closer look at each starter deck to see.

Sapphire and Steel Deck

This deck includes cards of Aurora and Simba, along with the Beast and Captain Hook to name a few. There are few cards in the deck that help you get additional ink into your inkwell when playing, including Mickey Mouse and Gramma Tala.

One strategy that seemed to work for me when using this deck was to get as much ink out as possible, and then play the larger characters like the Beast and Simba to gain lore and attack your opponent.

Personally, my favorite card from this deck is "Grab Your Sword" because it can damage every opponent's character, and I just can't help but sing the song while I'm playing. I think that's what I enjoy about this game, too. Even if I'm not winning the game, I'm still having a good time reminiscing about the movies from my childhood.

Amber and Amethyst Deck

This deck includes cards of Moana and Sorcerer Mickey, along with Jafar and Stitch to name a few. It's interesting to see how Sorcerer Mickey can interact with the Magic Brooms in the deck. I know from my time playing that Dr. Facilier can be a powerful character, but I didn't seem to have much luck with him the first few games.

I think I need to familiarize myself more with his abilities to maximum potential. My favorite cards from this deck are Ursula's eels, Flotsam, and Jetsam. They have some cool interactions if you can get them on the table together, which I wasn't able to do the first game I played with the deck, but I'm looking forward to trying again next time.

There are also some cards that allow you to be evasive, an interesting mechanic that adds strategy to the game.

Ruby and Emerald Deck

This deck includes cards of Cruella De Vil and Aladdin, along with Peter Pan and the Mad Hatter to name a few. When I first opened up this deck, I cannot tell you how excited I was to see Jasper, Horace, and Sergeant Tibbs from 101 Dalmatians.

It was a blast from the past, and I wanted to turn on the movie while playing the game. It seemed to me that this deck had some more interactions with the opponent, but my first game was focused more on just understanding the rules and how to play cards correctly. I think if I played the deck again I would understand how to use the deck more effectively.

My favorite card from this deck has to be the Scar, Fiery Usurper card. I know that there are other cards that are probably more useful, but when you see the artwork on that card, I think you will agree why I'm calling it my favorite.