Luminous the Symphony of Us should have kept Sarah McLachlan's original song

The new EPCOT nighttime spectacular is indeed spectacular but it has one key detractor, no Sarah McLachlan!

Sarah McLachlan Performs At Humphrey's Concerts By The Bay
Sarah McLachlan Performs At Humphrey's Concerts By The Bay / Daniel Knighton/GettyImages

When the song "When Somebody Loved Me" began to play the night of my first Symphony of Us viewing, I was ready to hear the amazing voice of Sarah McLachlan. I was disappointed.

McLachlan doesn't make an appearance in the show. Maybe there were copyright issues, maybe she declined to participate, or maybe she was never asked. Regardless, it would have made Luminous so much more relative and enjoyable.

No one sings like McLachlan and the song is one of her best. Written by incredible songwriter Randy Newman, "When She Loved Me" is from Toy Story 3 when Cowgirl Jessie sings about the moment her owner, Emily, abandoned her. It's a powerful message and not having McLachlan's voice is a letdown to an otherwise amazing after show at EPCOT.

It has been reported that Katharine McPhee's voice can be heard on one of the songs and when she comes on it takes a minute to realize it is her but there would be no missing McLachlan's soft and yet powerful vocals.

The song has been re-recorded over the years by other artists but on the Iuminous Symphony of Us soundtrack, McLachlan's version is used.

As for Luminous itself, it is probably the best show at EPCOT since the first one. I was wondering how it would work without the giant metal globe of Earth but it isn't missed and honestly, it isn't needed.

This one should last a few years and it should. It is one of those after hour shows that warrant repeat views from different areas of the park. The combination of water canons and fireworks is an incredible viewing experience.