Magic Kingdom's Frozen Holiday Surprise has a premier date that is right around the corner

On November 7th, Magic Kingdom will transform into a frosty and frozen world when Cinderella's Castle is taken over by Olaf and friends to begin the holidays.
Intense multi colored strobe lights illuminating the...
Intense multi colored strobe lights illuminating the... / Roberto Machado Noa/GettyImages

Christmas is already starting to pop up around the Disney parks but they won't be on full display until Halloween ends. Starting in November, we get the transition in all of it's full glory.

This year, Magic Kingdom is ditching the former "Frozen Holiday Wish" for the new "Frozen Holiday Suprise." What exactly is it? Well, it's Olaf and Kristoff and Sven and Anna, and of course, Queen Elsa and naturally, the castle will be transformed into a magnificent ice sculpture of some kind.

Will this be a better option than the previous iteration? If we are to believe what is being said, it might not be.

According to reports, Disney is going to replace the 100's of thousands of LED lighting that have been used to give the castle an icicle touch for a projected look.

The icicles haven't been around since the pandemic. It was an unrelated decision by Disney World. I haven't been a fan of the projections on the castle but plenty of guests have loved the nighttime show with the fireworks, music, and animated projections on the castle. I liken it to a giant movie screen and really loved the LED look of a crystalized castle overtaken by ice in the middle of Florida.

Guests will be able to enjoy this every night until after the holiday season ends in December.

With Halloween inching it's way toward us, Christmas is literally right around the corner for Disney and all four parks will have some form of displays and decorations.