Marvel Kart and Die Hard Avengers? The trailer for What If? Season 2 brings multiverse madness

The trailer for the second season of What If? promises more wild multiverse adventures for Marvel heroes from a car race to a take on Die Hard! Check it out here!

Doctor Strange Supreme, Captain Carter, and T’Challa in Marvel Studios' WHAT IF…? exclusively on
Doctor Strange Supreme, Captain Carter, and T’Challa in Marvel Studios' WHAT IF…? exclusively on /

The new trailer has hit for Season 2 of Marvel’s What If? series, promising looks at alternate heroes, wild times, and…Marvel Kart?

The first MCU animated series, What If? is based on the long-running Marvel comic of the same name. The setup was also the same as the Watcher (Jeffrey Wright), a cosmic being who watches over Earth, shares peeks into alternate realities where things took a different turn.

Season 1 included stories where T’Challa (Chadwick Boseman in his final performance) became Star-Lord; where Peggy Carter (Haley Atwell) became Captain America; where Earth was overrun with zombies or the Avengers never formed. 

It came together when an alternate version of Ultron gained control of the Infinity Gems and to protect the multiverse, the Watcher brought several of the multiverse heroes together to stop him. That was a good wrap-up, but now Season 2 brings even more worlds to life. 

What is Season 2 of What If? about?

Marvel hasn’t released details yet on Season 2, although there are rumors it could include a full-on musical. The trailer opens with an Avengers team confronting a young Peter Quill, who already has cosmic powers. 

It looks like we’ll get a few returning faces like Captain Carter, a Killmonger who became Black Panther and the Doctor Strange who accidentally wiped out his universe. There are also peeks of the Mandarin fighting Odin, a medieval world and, most intriguing, various Marvel characters in some sort of wild car race like a Mario Kart video game.

It ends with what appears to be a take on Die Hard as Happy Hogan has to defend Avengers Tower from invaders on Christmas Eve. 

When does What If? Season 2 arrive?

The show has a unique rollout as it debuts on December 22, and then a new episode airs every day for the next nine days to end on New Year’s. 

So fans can expect another wild season of alternate versions of the MCU as a fun Christmas present for Disney+ viewers. 

What If? Season 2 premieres Friday, December 22 on Disney+.