Marvel Snap development roadmap teases PC launch, guilds and more

Marvel Snap: Rise of the Phoenix Key Art. Courtesy of Second Dinner
Marvel Snap: Rise of the Phoenix Key Art. Courtesy of Second Dinner /

Developer Nuverse and Second Dinner have released the development roadmap for Marvel Snap, the popular digital collectible card battling game for mobile devices. Well, soon-to-be PC.

Featured on the roadmap as "coming soon" is the PC launch of the game. We don't know when exactly it will arrive, but being listed as "coming soon" means it is in the final phase of development. As such, they are planning the release dates, timelines and more for it.

The PC version will offer feature parity with the mobile version. The entire game experience has been rebuilt for the platform. Everything you can do on mobile -- collecting in-game rewards, checking your inbox and more -- you'll be able to do on PC. Presumably, this also means we'll be getting cross-play support so that you can carry your progress over from one platform to the other without missing a beat.

Other features listed as coming soon include:

  • PC Launch
  • Twitch Drops
  • Seasonal Audio
  • Card Upgrade Improvements
  • Conquest Polish
  • Infinity Rank Revamp
  • Global Matchmaking - Phase 1

Looking further down the line, there are also a number of features currently in development. They aren't quite ready for release yet, but they are being actively worked on. The functionality might change in this stage or something may wind up being drastically different, but for now, here's what's currently in development for Marvel Snap:

  • Prestige Level
  • Spotlight Cache Improvements
  • Collectible Emotes & Card Emojis
  • Personalized Shop
  • Smart Decks
  • New Infinity Splits & Split System Improvements
  • Ultimate Variant Evolution

Prestige Levels are a new reward track for when you acquire any new cosmetics. Once you upgrade your Prestige enough, you'll be able to unlock new infinity splits and more. Meanwhile, Ultimate variants allow you to evolve existing and new Ultimate variants and unlock their full cosmetic potential. This will include new thematic VFX and SFX to match the variant art.

And lastly, there are a bunch of features currently in the conceptual phase. These are not actively in development but rather being talked about and planned. This includes:

  • Guilds/Clans
  • Mythic Variants
  • PC Controller Support
  • New Game Mode
  • Season Journey Improvements

Mobile games are traditionally social by nature, so it's a bit odd that Marvel Snap doesn't offer guild or clan support yet. But hopefully that changes in the future. Nuverse is looking for player feedback on what they would want to see from a Guild/Clan or even just general social systems.

And lastly, they hinted at a new game mode. They apparently have a lot of ideas, but they are trying to whittle down what would be the most fun. Obviously, this is a long way off, but it's good to know they are continually looking to keep things feeling fresh.