Massive leak reveals Marvel's Wolverine release date, cast details, concept art and gameplay footage

Marvel's Wolverine teaser. Image courtesy of Insomniac games
Marvel's Wolverine teaser. Image courtesy of Insomniac games /

A recent hacking into Insomniac Games studio has revealed tons of information about the studio's plans for future games, including major details about one of its upcoming games, Marvel's Wolverine. The Rhysida ransomware group leaked over 1.3 million files from Insomniac Games and among them was concept art and gameplay footage as well as casting details and even release information about the highly anticipated game.

We won't be posting any of the leaked footage or concept art (it's easy enough to find online) or any personal information about the people working on the game, but we can say that Marvel's Wolverine is expected to release in 2026.

The 2026 launch window is a bit surprising, especially as the game was announced back in 2021. I figured once development was complete on Marvel's Spider-Man 2, which was recently released to critical and commercial success, the development would ramp up on Marvel's Wolverine for a potential 2025 release, at the latest.

Instead, the leaked roadmap seemed to confirm that we'll first be getting a Marvel's Venom game in 2025, followed by Marvel's Wolverine in 2026. The Venom game is reportedly a follow-up to the Marvel's Spider-Man 2 and will lead directly into Marvel's Spider-Man 3 (2028). Many have clamored for a Venom-focused spin-off or expansion to Spider-Man 2 and while Insomniac has acknowledged the possibility, they haven't confirmed it. But this leak seemingly does, and it looks like it will arrive in 2025, which unfortunately pushes Marvel's Wolverine back even further.

Back to the Wolverine game though, the leaked footage showed off over-the-shoulder gameplay of Logan as he uses his mutant senses to investigate different locations. Cocnept art showed off Wolverine fighting against iconic villains such as Sabretooth, Mystique, Lady Deathstrike and Mister Sinister.

Casting details followed shortly after the leak, revealing Liam McIntyre as the voice of Logan. Troy Baker, one of the most prominent video game voice actors, will take on the role of Mister Sinister while Krizia Bajos will portray Jean Grey.

Insomniac Games did issue a response to the leak, calling it "extremely distressing." They also added that the game is still in early production.

The video game has suffered some pretty big leaks in 2023, but this is by far one of the biggest of the year. It's unfortunate for everyone involved in the game's development, but I do think, if anything, the leaks have increased the hype and excitement for the game.