Maybe it's time for the Disney parks to sell AP style magnets to non-AP holders

Aside from discounted food and merchandise and the ability to visit Disney parks all year, the AP or Annual Passholder magnet is a big thing if you can get them.
An assortment of Disney AP magnets
An assortment of Disney AP magnets /

Annual Passholder magnets are so popular that there are websites dedicated to them, a complete Facebook group that trades them, they are so popular that on EBAY, knock-offs are prevalent and if Disney hasn't released an AP of your liking, you can find it for sale on EBAy.

Stroll through a parking lot at any of the Disney World parks and you will see vehicles adorned with them. Many AP holders fear losing them from guests eagerly looking for a chance to pull it off and shove it in their bags.

The price for AP magnets is quite high. There are three, maybe four released each year and they will run you anywhere from $399.00 to almost $1,300.00 depending on the annual pass you purchase. So why are the magnets just for AP holders?

Well, maybe it is time that Disney releases date specific magnets for all guests. Not the AP style with the BIG D or the special characters that get released but something more akin to the magnets you get a the beach, like OBX or something along that line.

For about $8.00 Disney could sell a 2023 Donald Duck magnet that guests can easily take home. They could do a Xmas, Easter, or even an EPCOT Festival magnet.

Disney is a creative company and it shouldn't be all that hard to create something that stands out specifically for AP holders and still create buzz for guests that visit a park once or twice a year. Disney could also do "First-Time Visit" magnet that will likely last longer than the buttons that you can get for free.

I'm not taking away anything from the button brigade. We love them in our house and our kids like sporting them on special events when they are at the park.

Along the bottom of an AP magnet it says Annual Passholder. That can easily be changed to Disney Guest 2023, or First Time Guest 2023 and so on.

Yes, the AP magnets are a fun get if you can get to the park but they are also something you can display on your car or on your fridge long after you leave.

For the record, I also would like to point out that Disney should be sending new AP mags to each AP holder. If that is something that would be too expensive, they can offer them to each passholder for the price of shipping and handling. Sometimes, it is hard for out of state APs to get to the parks.