Mickey's Philaharmagic is everything that Muppets 3D wishes it could be and mo

Mickey's PhilharMagic. Image courtesy Brian Miller
Mickey's PhilharMagic. Image courtesy Brian Miller /

Magic Kingdom has a lot of little things that guests can do but tend to miss. Mickey's PhilharMagic is one of those attractions.

PhilharMagic is located near the carousel behind Cinderella's castle. It isn't hard to miss but if you are not paying attention you could skip right by it or not catch a showing during your day.

The film is a 3D film that takes guests through several Disney animated feature films from The Little Mermaid to Coco as Donald Duck chases down Mickey's magic hat.

The 3D aspects of the attraction are perfectly timed and perfectly done. The kids in the theater with us were all reaching for objects that were seemingly only a few feet in front of us. It is an absolutely magical 14-or-so-minute attraction.

It is also everything that Muppets 3D at Hollywood Studios wishes it could be. Yes, here I go again on another rant about the Muppets. I will continue to maintain that not only is Muppets 3D taking up valuable space and a monumental waste of time, but again, it should be located in the Animation Courtyard where all the Disney Jr. characters are located.

Where Muppets miss, PhilharMagic hits. The 3D aspects are 100% better, the story is better, the screen seems more crisp and clearer, and they don't try to overdue the show with unnecessary characters that are thrown in for no apparent reason. Muppets do that a lot and it simply makes the entire attraction, well, a mess and far less enjoyable.

I know, don't take an adult word for it, but how about a 5-year-old? My son tried to walk out of muppets halfway through the showing, at PhilharMagic he laughed and tried to catch the 3D items that blew off the screen.