Mickey's PhilharMagic is an often missed attraction that shouldn't be

Mickey's PhilharMagic. Image courtesy Brian Miller
Mickey's PhilharMagic. Image courtesy Brian Miller /

Located near Prince Charming's Carousel, Mickey's Philharmagic is a great attraction that allows you to get out of the heat, take a seat, and laugh a little.

The 3D show is one of the best of its kind at Disney, burying the 3D attempts of the Muppets at Hollywood Studios. Yes, still, I'm not too fond of that attraction. This is about Philharmagic, however, and this one is wonderful.

The theater holds plenty of guests who don 3D glasses and sit in comfortable theater chairs. You are being prepped for Mickey Mouse to conduct his orchestra when Donald Duck gets involved, and soon you are being whisked away through decades of Disney animated feature films as Donald tries to get things back to normal before Mickey finds out.

Young and old alike will find the 3D viewing to be excellent. The images pop off the screen, and there are plenty of times when you want to reach out and grab something, only to see a child doing exactly that. The story is fun, and you go through the worlds of Aladdin, Coco, and the Little Mermaid. You ride along through the clouds on a magic carpet as you follow along with Donald, who can't seem to escape his error.

The wait times for this attraction are low because instead of waiting for a line queue to move, you are simply waiting for the next show to start. You enter the front of the theater and move to the staging area until the current show is run. Then, when the guests exit, you are shuffled into the seats for the next one. In total, you may wait at most 10 minutes if you miss the show by a second or two.