Most Disney World attractions should have a single rider lane

Disney World is an exciting and sometimes draining day for every guest no matter their physical shape and conditioning but one area the parks miss on is aiding the solo guests.
Expedition Everest thrills adventurers as it lurches forward and backward through the icy peaks of
Expedition Everest thrills adventurers as it lurches forward and backward through the icy peaks of /

Whether you are visiting a Disney park by yourself or with your family, more often than not, you are faced with a decision. Wait in line for an attraction that maybe only you want to experience. It's hard to justify leaving your husband, wife, or children sitting outside an attractions entrance for 30, 40, or even 50 minutes and longer simply to ride an attraction by yourself.

Some rides at Disney's parks have single ride lanes. Expedition Everest at Animal Kingdom is one such ride. Some attractions may not need or should have single ride lanes. Examples of those would be The Little Mermaid, Nemo, and other attractions that put guests close together. Haunted Mansion for example.

Yet for the most part, other attractions that do not put guests in an intimate setting like that should have single lanes.

Rollercoasters are one of those types of attractions. While Everest does have one, Rockin' Rollercoaster does not. Neither does Tower of Terror yet when I am in line for these attractions I consistently hear "Single riders? Any single riders? Any groups of two?"

That shows there is a need to fill in space that will otherwise go unused. On Tron: Lightcycle Run, it would make sense to have a single ride line as well as one at Guardians of the Galaxy where you will get paired with a stranger if you are an odd number group.

At EPCOT's Test Track and Hollywood's Studio's Smuggler Run, single ride lanes are fantastic and when we hit those parks, I let my kids both ride solo and save the time.

One question would be whether or not it would be abused by larger groups wanting to get on the rides quicker. That might happen with smaller groups but for the most part, larger groups want to sit together and experience it together.

It is something that Disney should at least try on attractions that do not already have single ride lines and again are not attractions with intimate one wants to get seated with a stranger in a shell but sitting behind a stranger on Spaceship Earth wouldn't be bother anyone at all.