All the movies based on Disney theme park rides and attractions

UK Special Screening Of Disney's "Haunted Mansion"
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Behind the Attraction: The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror. Image courtesy Disney+ /

Tower of Terror

While Pirates of the Caribbean is seen as kicking off the trend of movies based on theme park rides, it wasn't even close to being the first. In fact, three other movies based on Disney Park rides were released before Pirates of the Caribbean. The first was Tower of Terror, a made-for-television movie that aired as part of the Wonderful World of Disney lineup in 1997. The movie stars a young Kristen Dunst and is the only movie on the list not to get a theatrical release. In fact, it is one of the harder Disney movies to track down.

After airing on television, the movie was only ever released on VHS.  To this day, there has never been a DVD release, and the movie is not available on Disney+. Maybe the new upcoming Tower of Terror movie currently in production will spark interest in this original and we'll finally get to see it released in an updated format. 

Mission to Mars

In a way, Mission to Mars was an attraction that was open since the first day Disneyland opened in 1955. The ride was originally called Rocket to the Moon, and took guests on a simulated trip to the Moon. The ride was updated in 1975 to take guests on a simulated trip to Mars since by that point, man had already made it to the moon.

The movie, released in the year 2000, tells the story of a manned trip to Mars set twenty years in the future. The movie was actually one of two different movies released that year depicting a manned trip to Mars, the other one being Red Planet. Unfortunately, neither movie received positive reviews or did very well at the box office.