Movies and shows coming to Disney+ in June 2023

Disney+, Avatar Way of Water
Disney+, Avatar Way of Water / Ethan Miller/GettyImages

If you have not signed up for Disney+ yet, what are you waiting for? The streaming service is chock-full of Disney movies, Marvel movies and Disney Original shows and movies.

The summer is usually a great time of year to be subscribed to streaming services because movies and shows are constantly being released between the end of April all the way through September. Let's take a look at what shows and movies are coming to Disney+ in June 2023.

Shows and movies releasing on Disney+ in June 2023

Released June 2, 2023
Pride From Above

Released June 7, 2023
America's National Parks (Season 2)
Avatar: The Way of Water
First Alaskans (Season 2)

Released June 9, 2023
Flamin' Hot (Disney+ Premiere)
Hailey's on It! (Season 1)

Released June 14, 2023
Assembled: The Making of Ant-Man and The Wasp: Quantumania (Disney+ Original)
Last of the Giants: Wild Fish (Season 2)
Miraculous Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir (Season 5)
Pupstruction (Season 1)
Raven's Home (Season 6)

Released June 16, 2023
Pretty Freekin Scary (Season 1)
Stan Lee (Disney+ Original)
The Villians of Valley View (Season 2)

Released June 21, 2023
Extraordinary Birder with Christian Cooper (Season 1)
Minnie's Bow-Toons: Camp Minnie (Season 1)
Marvel's Secret Invasion: Season 1 | Episode 1 (Disney+ Original)

Released June 23, 2023
World’s Best (Disney+ Original)

Released June 28, 2023
Alice's Wonderland Bakery (Season 2)
Disney Gallery: Star Wars: The Mandalorian – The Making of Season 3: Episode 1 (Disney+ Original)
Home Improvement (Seasons 1 through 8)
Home in the Wild (Season 1)
Marvel's Secret Invasion: Season 1 | Episode 2 (Disney+ Original)
The Ghost and Molly McGee (Season 2)
Weekend Family (Season 2)

The big hitters being released in June include Avatar: The Way of Water, Marvel's Secret Invasion and Flamin' Hot. If you have little ones, Pupstruction, Alice's Wonderland Bakery and Minnie's Bow-Toons: Camp Minnie might be more for you. The best part about Disney is that no matter if streaming on Disney+ or going to Disney parks, there is plenty for both children and adults alike.

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If you are curious as to what each of these shows or movies is about, check out the links where provided. They will take you to the trailer for each one.