Need to spend money at Disney World? Take a look at EPCOT where you will find Disney's Art of Animation shop

Shopping for Disney merchandise can be exhausting. Sometimes there is simply way too much that you want to buy and not enough space in your luggage. That shouldn't keep you from buying what you want. Disney's Art of Animation store could, however, break you wallet.

Figurines are on display at the Animation Shop at Epcot. Photo Credit: Brian Miller
Figurines are on display at the Animation Shop at Epcot. Photo Credit: Brian Miller /

There are only so many Mickey Ears you can buy...well, not really because you can never have too many if you collect them. T-shirts, yeah you buy enough and can land those outside of the parks at Walmart, the millions of gift shops, or when you get hom on Amazon.

Each park is loaded with gift shops at just about every turn and when you can't find one immediately within your grasp, there is a little quick sell kiosk to entice you. From collectible popcorn buckets to festival coasters, there is plenty for you to spend your hard earned money on.

Then there are the bigger shops. The jewelry stores or the higher end purse and bags stores. This is where you can really start to lose your nickels and dimes in the forms of 50's and 100's. That brings us to the back of EPCOT in World Showcase.

EPCOT - Disney Animation shop
Figurines are on display at the Animation Shop at Epcot. Photo Credit: Brian Miller /

Disney's Art of Animation is one of those stores and it was once located near the front entry to EPCOT in the shadows of Spaceship Earth (the big ball). That location closed down as EPCOT began transitioning to the construction laden central hub that is getting closer to being completed.

Now, you can find the Art of Animation adjacent to the American Experience. If you are facing the American pavilion, it is immediately to the right. Here you can get lost and spend a lot of money. I keep trying to convince myself that the Ariel statuette, that I know would look great in my home, is not something I need at $175.00. Or for that matter, the other items that quite nice.

EPCOT - Disney Animation shop
Animation Shop. Photo Credit: Brian Miller /

From unframed and framed prints from Disney classic films and animated features, you can pretty much get lost in the nostalgia. You are bound to find your favorite Disney characters and if you can't take them home with you, ask a castmember how you can have them shipped to your residence.

Regardless of whether you want to purchase or not, Art of Animation is a fantastic quick stop/shop that you can enjoy without having to spend anything more than as much time as you want. The money that leaves your wallet? Well that's up to you!