New Disney World random survey could signal end of "virtual queue" at this big attraction

Disney World's Magic Kingdom - Tron Lightcycle Run. Photo courtesy Ashley Schwarz
Disney World's Magic Kingdom - Tron Lightcycle Run. Photo courtesy Ashley Schwarz /

There are currently two virtual queue attractions at Disney World. Tron: Lightcycle Run and Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind. Is one of them about to end?

A new random survey was sent out to park guests asking for their opinions on the queue for the Lightcycle Run. The survey asks those guests how they feel about the current system. The survey has three options.

Prefer the queue, prefer the standard stand-by lane, or not interested in the ride at all.

This is something that has become quite a debate among guests that enjoy those attractions. As it stands now, there are only a couple of ways to experience the attraction. Get a boarding queue or pay for the Lightning Lane entrance.

To get the boarding queue, guests will need to get up as early as 6:30 in the morning, log in to the Disney Parks app on their phones, and cross their fingers. The boarding queue opens for guests staying at Disney Resorts at 6:30, for those off-property guests, the queue opens at 7 am and typically that queue places guests into the attractions later in the day. Another queue opens at 1:00 in the afternoon but guests need to be in the parks at that time to get a pass, which again isn't guaranteed.

It would seem, on the surface, that a stand-by lane would be more realistic. In that case, every guest that arrives at a park, at any time during the day, will have a chance to experience the attraction. Wait times, however, could go as high as 3 hours which we have seen for Avatar: Flight of Passage.

There is no easy answer for this dilemma that Disney is apparently considering changing. Stand by again affords all guests an opportunity to ride and the choice they have to make is whether the wait time is worth it to them. On the other hand, the virtual boarding queue keeps those wait times down to less than an hour in most cases.

is there a way for Disney to use both systems for the attractions? Yes, Disney could easily limit the number of free boarding queues available throughout the day or use only the early availability and eliminate the 1:00 window opening up the stand-by lane in the afternoon.

When Moana: A Journey of Water opened, you needed a boarding queue to experience the walk-through attraction but by early afternoon, based on the queue, stand-by lanes opened.