New limited Disney World popcorn is great but please bring back EPCOTs trio of greatness!

For a limited time, guests at Magic Kingdom can get a brand new limited popcorn but EPCOT fans are still missing a trio of flavors.
The MOMS Mamarazzi Celebrate The Release Of Disney's "Aladdin" Diamond Edition
The MOMS Mamarazzi Celebrate The Release Of Disney's "Aladdin" Diamond Edition / Noam Galai/GettyImages

A new gourmet flavor is hitting Magic Kingdom just in time for Valentine's Day but it will be only for a limited time.

Strawberry Crunch is available at the Confectionery Kernel Kitchen at Magic Kingdom's confectionery shop at the corner of Mainstreet. The corn comes from a collaboration with a local business, Popcorn Junkie.

While this is fun news for those fans of sweeter popcorn options, over at EPCOT there is a hole that is missing from the popcorn vendor outside of the Imagination Station, where Figment is.

It has been a couple of years since the "Trio of Greatness" was sold at the corn stand. Aside from the original buttered corn, guests could purchase a great cheddar cheese popcorn or they could spice it up with a buffalo flavor. There was also a sour cream flavor and the savvy guest would buy the buffalo and sour cream and mix them together.

Right around COVID, the vendors stopped selling the flavored popcorn and it was moved inside the Odyssey building. The three flavors or "Triad of Popcorn" lasted a few months before it was removed altogether. Sadly, it hasn't been replaced by anything new or remotely exciting.

For all the hype over collector's popcorn buckets, the real travesty is losing this tasty treat that was so much more than a sweetened addition to popcorn.

I would love to try the new Strawberry Crunch but only try it. Maybe a little cupful at the most. Sweet popcorn just tends to be more sticky and sometimes you want savory. If only EPCOT would bring back the savory!