New "Madame Web" trailer introduces another character to the MCU that isn't needed

The MCU will be adding another character to their film cannon when "Madame Web" arrives in theaters in 2024. Now, the trailer for the film has been released.

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2023 Toronto International Film Festival - "Daddio" Premiere / Frazer Harrison/GettyImages

It remains to be seen now "Madame Web" will tie into the MCU or if it will at all. As part of the Spiderman universe, this film could simply be a branch off of that part of the Marvel universe and remain there.

Starring Dakota Johnson, Madame Webb is the story of a paramadic whose critical life altering accident gives here psychic powers. The film also stars Sydney Sweeney. The film is being billed as a sort of "suspense thriller."

Sweeney eventually becomes Spider Woman in the Marvel comics and this film is likely to explore how she obtained those powers.

Is this a film that needs to be made? The MCU is bleeding but the one successful property still churning out big dollar box-office success is Spiderman. The last film, Spider-Man: Across the Universe was a huge hit for Marvel.

It's hard to imagine this film hitting a similar stride within the universe and it could simply become a catapult for a future Spider-Woman featured film or a collaborative film with Spider-Man.

Whether this film is actually needed or not needed isn't really a question anymore. It's on it's way and will be part of the MCU. Again, to what degree of integration with the main MCU storylines isn't 100% known.

On the other hand, this film could present Disney with another female superhero lead that will attract younger viewers in the tween to young adult demographic.

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