New McDonald's Happy Meal cheat to get your Disney 100 character toys

Maybe you won't have to buy all those McDonald's Happy Meals after all, apparently there are some cheats that you can use to get the most out of your visit and reduce the dupes.
McDonald's Reports 14 Percent Revenue Increase In Third Quarter Earnings
McDonald's Reports 14 Percent Revenue Increase In Third Quarter Earnings / Brandon Bell/GettyImages

Those little cute two-toys-to-a-box Disney 100 characters are a big draw for McDonalds and their Happy Meals but apparently there is a way to know before you buy, if you are getting duplicates or not.

Savvy members of social media are pointing out all the new ways you can jump into the Mickey Ds around you, take a gander at what they have and then leave without having to drop $5.00 on a Happy Meal.

Drunkin Stormtrooper on "X", formerly Twitter, posted that you can actually buy just the toys for $1.79 each. O.k. that's a great way to build your collection quickly.

Stormtrooper also points out that while he bought more than a few, he actually got stuck with a lot of duplicates. That is never fun but we all know that is par for the course. Recently, I went to two different McDonalds locations near me and bought three Happy Meals. I got duplicates in one location and different ones at the next.

Now, we know how you can avoid getting duplicate Disney 100 toys in your Happy Meal or purchasing them separately.

Kendall Mullens has it all figured out and posted this on "X" in reply to Stormtrooper.

Naturally, I had to check. Not that I wasn't buying into it but because two little boxes were on my desk and sure enough, on the bottom of the box, in the upper right corner are identification numbers that add up exactly as Mullens pointed out.

No more random buying. Simply walk in to the McDonalds, ask to see one of the boxes, check the back and move along if it isn't a new one.

It's a pretty big discovery if you are trying to find new characters in the hopes of collecting them all.