New Universal "Trollercoaster" is giving me "Honey I Shrunk the Kids" ideas for Disney World

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Disney World used to showcase the movie "Honey I Shrunk the Kids" at Animal Kingdom and now a new ride for Universal's new park has me thinking it's time to bring the film back to Disney World.

Honey I Shrunk the Kids was replaced a long time ago by "It's a Bugs Life." Located under the Tree of Life at Animal Kingdom, Bug's Life is soon to be replaced with a rumored "Zootopia" type change.

Over at Universal, Epic Universe will be staking a claim as the best area theme park. They continue to roll out concept art for what guests can expect when the park opens. Recently, the new all-ages "Trollercoaster" concept art was released and that got me channeling a return of "Honey I Shrunk the Kids."

At Hollywood Studios, a movie set playground of the film was featured. The area allowed kids to run around the area as a pint-size ant-sized shrunken human. The towering props brought to life a tiny perspective of an ant's world.

The playground and a stunt-spectacular attraction were torn down to become Galaxy's Edge.

There are two ways that Disney World could copy this type of attraction and theme it as a new Honey, I Shrunk the Kids feature.

Obviously, a rollercoaster that is far more tantalizing and fun than Slinky Dog Dash which should be doing the same thing in a toy setting but falls far short of that. The same could be said for 7 Dwarfs Mine Ride which is abysmal as well.

Imagine starting off your journey on a normal-sized set or in this case stand-by lane. Then you board a normal coaster and as you start to move you are zapped to the size of an ant. The ride could be completely hidden from the outside.

I imagine tall blades of grass that the ride would roll through. Water spraying from a broken hose, even going under a lawn mower that features a wind tunnel. All the while having larger than life "Ant-amatronics, a sniffing dog, and more as you race through a backyard trying to get back to regular size.

Unlike the image released by Universal, I would want the tracks to only be seen when you get "picked up by a bird" and hover over the backyard before dropping back down into the lush landscape. I also see that portion of the track rising high enough that you can see the back porch in front of you, your destination to return to your real size.

Disney could also take an approach similar to what they did with Avatar. From start to finish, you could be whisked into a world of ant-sized life wearing 3D glasses that twist and turn you, pull you up, and push you down.

The attraction would need to be for everyone, not just toddlers because it would be so much more sustainable and enjoyable.

Just a thought as I see what Universal is bringing to their new park.