One pin trading option is finally returning to all Disney Parks and it is long overdue

Disney trading pins. Photo credit Brian Miller
Disney trading pins. Photo credit Brian Miller /

Disney trading pin fans are about to get a big reason to be much happier when they visit the parks after April as huge news has arrived!

Disney trading pins are a great and inexpensive collection item that can remind you of your trip to Disney with a dated pin or you could become a collector that hangs out at the big trade boards at various parks.

For those guests who do like to trade pins, one thing has been missing for years and it is about to return!

Disney is bringing back the cast-member lanyard option for trading pins! I will say it again with as much excitement as one can have for something so small...

Disney cast members will be wearing the pin trading lanyards again at all parks starting in April!

Was that loud enough? My kids love pin trading and it has become almost a highlight of their trips because it is something they can do that doesn't require long lines to wait in.

Starting on April 7th, cast members at the four parks will don the lanyards with pins. They returned to Disney Springs back in November but had not yet made their way into the parks themselves.

The addition of the lanyards will bring guests and cast members together again for the first time since COVID-19 stopped the practice. Not all cast members will have them on but many likely will and it will partially eliminate the need to hunt for more and more pinboards that are spread throughout the parks.

Animal Kingdom reigns supreme with their fully loaded boards and Hollywood Studios isn't far behind. EPCOT used to have the best pinboards of any park and they were easy to find but over the last year, those boards have become quite empty.

Disney pin trading board
Disney pin trading board /

Getting the lanyards back will help offering guests more of an opportunity to trade. Having the lanyards should also increase guest purchases of specific pins because some guests will try and complete sets once they see them more readily available, hopefully, in trade.