Pirates of the Caribbean: Ranking every version of the classic Disney attraction

The wait for Pirates of the Caribbean was only five minutes long.

The wait for Pirates of the Caribbean was only five minutes long. Pirates / Jess Bullock/Special to USA TODAY via
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4. Disneyland California

It's hard to beat the original version. First, its place in New Orleans Square is perfect, with a gorgeous queue area leading the boast past the Blue Bayou restaurant. The two drops are great, and then there's the overall classic experience of the ride, even with its various changes over time. No matter how old you are, you can sing along with that song and enjoy the gags and effects.

An underrated part is the "waterfall up" that leads guests back to the loading dock, bringing the journey full circle. From its location to the history of the ride, there's a reason the original Pirates still has a place in the hearts of any Disney park fan. 

3. Tokyo Disneyland

Putting this above the other two Pirates' rides may seem daring, but there's a good reason for it. First, it's unique seeing the ride with a Japanese flavor to it, even as it keeps to the same storyline and layout. Recently reopening after months of refurbishments, this version of the ride now has better sound and effects while still maintaining that same classic formula.

Perhaps the biggest of all is that it still has the original auction scene down to the cries of "We wants the redhead!" In many ways, this is a time capsule to how the original take on the ride worked while still boasting Jack Sparrow and other touches. That elevates it higher in the rankings to be a great ride into the past.