Pirates of the Caribbean: Ranking every version of the classic Disney attraction

The wait for Pirates of the Caribbean was only five minutes long.

The wait for Pirates of the Caribbean was only five minutes long. Pirates / Jess Bullock/Special to USA TODAY via
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2. Disneyland Paris

When it opened in 1992, this version of the attraction quickly set itself apart from its counterparts. First, the audio-animatronics are even better, including two characters engaged in a sword duel. The entrance area is beautiful, with a recreation of a fort and welcoming guests to a fine adventure to match a vibrant area.

But the truly notable part is how it basically "reverses" the original attraction. This time, guests experience the town ransacking first and then enter the caves showing skeletons, including a zombie-like Captain Barbossa. It's a good turn to emphasize where the hunt for treasure can end and a unique coda that makes this version of the ride darker but more exciting. 

1. Battle For The Sunken Treasure, Shanghai Disney

This standout version of the ride may have a different storyline and layout, but it also has some of the most stunning special effects of any Disney ride. It's there from the start as, before the eyes of guests, a skeleton transforms into Jack Sparrow. From there, it's a rollicking mix of dark rides, screens, and special effects to make it feel as if guests are going underwater and above it for a crazy adventure.

Some purists may sniff at how it's not actually a boat ride, but the illusion is there to make up for it. While Disney fans would love to see it replicated in the U.S., this version of Pirates remains a theme park experience unlike any in the world.

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