Planning a trip to EPCOT? Then you won't want to miss the World Showcase attractions you may not know existed

At EPCOT you probably already know about the Guardians of the Galaxy coaster or Soarin or Test Track and so on but did you know that some of the World Showcase countries have, well, shows?
Morocco shopping district at Epcot.
Morocco shopping district at Epcot. /

Everyone, or most guests at Disney World's EPCOT Center knows about the Frozen ride at the Norway Pavilion and while there are no other "rides" sans the newer Remy ride in France, there are other things to do.

Reflections of China - China has two interesting areas to explore that are not restaurants and not stores. Under the main red-roof building, you will find a display from Shanghai Disney giving a nice look at what that park has turned into. Inside you will also find the theater where a wonderful and conditioned room awaits. Here you can take a trip around China and see the varying differences around the country.

France - Like China there are two features here as well. You can take in a fun sing-a-long with Beauty and the Beast or you can enjoy another film production Impressions of France that also takes you from the southern coasts to the northern mountains and everything in between. It's one of the better films presented in World Showcase.

Canada - A final entry in our "film" presentations, Canada Far and Wide is a 360 degree film taking you through Canada. This is currently or was during my last visit being revamped so stay tuned and check back for opening.

Norway - While many will head straight to Frozen Ever After or hit the Ana and Elsa meet and greet, in the front of the Pavilion on the left you will find a big wooden door and inside you will find a very nice museum of old Viking lore including a monument to the Viking Gods and ancient artifacts.

The Great American Adventure - The American Pavilion offers more than BBQ and the Regal Eagle Smokehouse. Next door is the American Adventure at the American Gardens Theater. Take a trip through the past and into the future with song and animatronics that tell the American story.