Question and answer: Can you leave a Disney park and return the same day to the same park?

More often than not, there are simple questions with simple answers that we don't tend to think of until we are wondering ourselves if it is possible. First time visitors to Disney World will have many questions.

Walt Disney World Magic Kingdom. Photo courtesy of Matthew Liebl
Walt Disney World Magic Kingdom. Photo courtesy of Matthew Liebl /

One of the biggest questions that Disney World first time guests have is about park ticket options and the variety of tickets that are available.

Should you purchase a four-day park pass if Disney World has it available? What about a three-day or a park hopper pass? All come with benefits to some degree. A 4-day multi-park pass will save you money over purchasing four consecutive gate tickets. The more days you purchase the less the average ticket price.

For many guests who intend to visit each of the four Disney World parks, a 4-day pass makes sense but what about the park-hopper option?

Most of the time, first time Disney World visitors don't need the park hopper option if they will be visting four parks or visiting for four days. Obviously you will be able to do most of everything if not everything in one day.

Those guests who are planning to spend only two days at Disney may want to consider the hopper option. You can make your plans, rope drop a park on both days and then jump over to one of the other parks you were not intending to visit. This way you don't miss out or leave with any regrets.

So to our question of the day. A friend reached out and asked about visiting the parks on a single day ticket. Can you re-enter the park if you should leave?

The answer is quite simple. Yes. As many times as you would like.

EPCOT - Skyliner
The Disney World Skyliner connects EPCOT to Hollywood Studios and several hotels. Photo credit Brian /

Why would you want to leave the park? For starters, maybe you need to give the kiddos a break so you can return and take in the fireworks later that evening. Maybe you want to ride the monorail from Magic Kingdom to EPCOT just to take the trip around the track and see it. Or maybe you want to head over to Hollywood Studios and ride the Skyliner and take in those extra views.

You can. And your parking pass is good for any other park as well so if you are planning a jump to say, Hollywood Studios for no other reason but the Skyliner, you can!

Have a great trip!