Ranking the three 360 degree films that are in EPCOT's World Showcase

The beauty of China is on display at the Epcot pavilion. Photo by Brian Miller
The beauty of China is on display at the Epcot pavilion. Photo by Brian Miller /

At EPCOT, World Showcase featured three unique films that depict the countries they represent. A storytelling adventure that truly should be part of every showcased country.

Unfortunately, not all of the films are equal and two shine far and above the other but which one of the three is the best?

Canada Far and Wide

The newest entry can be found in the newly renovated Canadian Pavilion. Canada Far and Wide takes you on a journey through the nine regions that make up Canada. The film is presented in 360-degree Circle Vision.

Overall, the 12-minute film falls flat. It's a decent one-view for those looking to escape the hot South Florida sun but it lacks the dimensions of the other films. In my first viewing, guests were leaving midway through the showing, and by the end, a handful of us remained.

Unlike the other two films, Canada Far and Wide fails to draw you into Canada and doesn't drive you to visit the nation.

Impressions of France

Yes, in the back of the France Pavilion, there are two shows that take place. The first is a Beauty and the Beast sing-a-long, but the other is Impressions of France and it is a majestic journey across a diverse nation.

Unlike the Canadian film, Impressions takes you through and around ancient castles. To the shores of the French Riviera and to the snowy mountain regions. On the streets, you get a glimpse into the small communities and marketplaces. The film culminates in Paris, naturally.

The film isn't narrated like the Canadian film. It is set to classical French music with a soft narration that highlights the regions of the country. The narrative voice is soft and compliments the tone of the film's imagery and accompanying music score.

Impressions invites you to visit the country. You leave wanting to visit and to experience the cultures from one side to another. It is nearly a flawless show that you should make a point not to miss.

Reflections of China

To be honest, I had a hard time deciding if Reflections or Impressions should be number one. They are both absolutely fantastic but the gorgeous lands that are introduced to you in Reflections make it stand just a shoulder above.

You will start and end your journey on The Great Wall. You are greeted by the narrator who will take you to every corner of the country. You will experience jagged mountain landscapes and marvel at how the people of China have acclimated to the environment around them.

From water markets to Beijing and from there to Hong Kong as well as everything in between the only thing that is wrong with Reflections of China is that you are left wanting to see more and more and more.

Much like Impressions, Reflections guides guests in a soft tone and the transitions from one region to another simply bring you to the point you want to visit. It calls you and it is a show that you should want to see more than once.

For my money, a trip to World Showcase isn't quite complete until I have stood in the 360-degree Circle Vision theater to watch Reflections of China and I can't skip Impressions of France either. Need a break from the day? France's theater is a single large screen and you get to sit in theater chairs.

You won't be disappointed in either of the last two, Canada, take in the area around the theater but you don't have to feel the need to watch the film, by comparison, it simply doesn't.