Review: Disney Official Fan Club 100 Year Mickey Statue - A great but rather cheap collection piece

Who doesn't want a big silver and shiny Mickey Mouse sitting in their house? Join the Disney officially fan club and you can get one for free.
The 2023 D23 membership statue
The 2023 D23 membership statue /

This year Disney is celebrating the 100th year anniversary of Walt Disney's dream. Earlier this month marked the 100th anniversary of Walt Disney and his brother Roy signing the documents that would make Disney Animation Studios a reality.

The folks over at Disney didn't opt to skip the route of giving back to some of their biggest fans. Each year when you renew or join the Disney Fan Club or D23 you receive a special one of a kind gift. This year, that gift was a silver Mickey Mouse statuette and it looks amazing.

I joined the club back in September-ish. There are different levels for the club including a free one. The Gold level gets you the statue for free, well not for free as you pay $99.00 to join the club at that level.

Gold level comes with other perks as well such as special events, dining discounts, merchandise discounts, and so on. Personally, I wanted the statuette because I wanted to see if what I saw online was a nice as it appeared.

The statue stands about a foot tall and you wouldn't want any larger. It is absolutely a perfect size. The polish and sheen gives it a very nice glow in the light.

When the box came, I couldn't wait to open it. Inside I found an official "Membership Card" that allows me to show it where my discounts can be used as well as a nice certificate showing off my dedication to Disney (my membership cert). Then you open the box and encased in a black protective foam, is Mickey Mouse!

Disney 100 years Mickey statue
Disney 100 years Mickey statue /

Immediately, I noticed that while it looked amazing, it was also plastic and while not completely cheap, I worried that it might break rather easily.

The ears are a cheap plastic and as I was lifting it out of the box I thought, "yep, going to break this off." I didn't luckily as I used both of my hands to lift it out from the base and waist.

The base makes this feel so much better. It is weighted and that gives it a more lower body hefty feel that is quite nice. It is from the waist up that you wonder if it is built to last.

I have a nice little cabinet I like to keep some of my stuff in to display. Thinks like awards from my other FanSided site, a couple of built Boba Fett Star Wars Lego sets, and my rather large collection of EPCOT Food and Wine Festival wine glasses. Naturally, this is a perfect place for Mickey.

Disney 100 years Mickey statue
D23 100 year mickey statue /

Unfortunately, I opted to not put Mickey in just yet. He remains in the box on top of my desk. Eventually, I will find a safe place for him but for now, I don't want to risk my little ones getting a hold of him, he is after all a wee bit fragile.

I don't regret the purchase. It is quite nice and fun to look at and you can stand at a podium, hold up, and give a nice Disney acceptance speech when no one is looking. O.k. I kid (but you never know).

To join the Disney Fan Club simply hop over to the D23: Official Disney Fan Club and take a look around and see if it is something that might benefit you and your family!