Rumor: Is Apple buying Disney?

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Stop me if you've heard this one, "Apple is going to buy Disney." It's perhaps one of the most persistent rumors floating around the internet and every now and then it picks up traction. Now is one of those times.

CNBC's David Faber and Disney CEO Bob Iger recently appeared on "Squawk Box" together for a wide-ranging discussion about all things Disney, including the ongoing writers and actors strike, business growth opportunities and more. Iger was surprisingly candid about some of the difficulties currently facing the company and even acknowledged that Disney is "open-minded and objective" about some of its failing businesses.

Following the interview, Bloomberg reported that Iger is contemplating putting some of Disney's major assets up for sale. The publication specifically notes that Disney's linear TV assets — such as ABC, FX and Freeform — could be up for sale. The report also states that Disney is looking for a strategic partner for ESPN and looking to sell or restructure its TV and streaming business in India.

Somehow this report evolved into new rumors that Iger is possibly looking to sell the entire Disney company. And the buyer? None other than Apple.