Save your preferred parking money at EPCOT - the trams have returned...finally!

The long walk from the outer lots at EPCOT can be rough in the evening when you are heading home but now, thanks to a returning favorite, you don't have to shell out the extra money for preferred parking.

The long walk to the EPCOT entrance is getting faster! Photo credit Brian Miller
The long walk to the EPCOT entrance is getting faster! Photo credit Brian Miller /

When you park at EPCOT, we all know that there is little chance of parking close enough without paying a premium to get inside the front row of the trees. Now, the trams that have been gone since COVID, are finally returning.

Part of the reason is that the construction at the entrance to EPCOT if finally over but that has been finished for a while.

Guests in the deeper lots won't have to walk as far now, just get to the tram and then climb aboard. This mode of transportation was a more than welcomed return to Magic Kingdom last year but did EPCOT really need one? Of course they did!

Guest parking starts behind the tree line and stretches quite far to the left and right. There has been times when you could find yourself getting to the front of the park walking past the Guardians of the Galaxy ride and then cutting in front of the park to get all the way over to security.

Is this the best news for EPCOT as it relates to entry? No, I still think the security system is far better now that you can leave Magic Kingdom by monorail and not have to go through security again at EPCOT and vice versa. That, to me anyways, was a huge improvement.

With my next trip coming in October, I might be able to finally stop paying the upcharge so I don't have to walk. No I'm not lazy but at the end of a long night and day, carrying a 4 year old who refuses to ride in a stroller just got a whole lot easier.