Scalpers take advantage of Disney Lorcana TCG frenzy with insane markups

Disney Lorcana hit mass retailers this week but supply issues and high demand have led to it being sold out everywhere, and scalpers are taking advantage of the situation.
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Disney Lorcana, the new immersive trading card game from Ravensburger, officially hit mass retail locations nationwide this week. But unless you were quick with the pre-order buttons online, odds are you missed out on the initial batch of cards.

As it currently stands, Disney Lorcana is sold out just about everywhere online and in stores. And it seems scalpers are taking advantage of the frenzy.

Disney Lorcana: The First Chapter TCG Starter Deck retails for $16.99 normally, but is currently selling on eBay for more than $30. The Illumineer's Trove gift set, which is supposed to cost $49.99, is being sold by scalpers for well over $125.

Scalpers are clearly taking advantage of the limited supply and high demand for Disney Lorcana. This, of course, is nothing new for anyone familiar with the collectible trading card game hobby, but that doesn't make it right.

Acknowledging the high demand, Ravensburger took to social media to assure fans that they are working "to ensure a level of availability and quality that keeps the market healthy for both collectors and players."

Without getting into specifics, they confirmed that reprints of Disney Lorcana: The First Chapter will be available in both North America and Europe starting in Q1 2024. Furthermore, additional booster products will start arriving at North American local game stores in October.

Unfortunately, this won't help solve the current problem of scalpers inflating the prices of these decks to turn a profit.

The only way to beat these scalpers is to not give in to their demands and pay their marked-up prices. With Ravensburger confirming a reprint is coming early next year, we may just have to sit back and be a bit patient.

Disney Lorcana: The First ChapterDisney Lorcana: The First Chapter is comprised of 200 cards that are spread across starter decks and booster packs. The easiest way to get into the game is with one of the three Starter Decks. Each one is a preconstructed deck of with a specific list of 60 cards, including 2 foil cards of the characters on the package front, 11 game tokes, a rule book and a booster pack with 12 randomized cards. Individual booster packs contain 12 random cards and are used to further build and customize your deck with abilities and characters.