Scarlett Johansson's return to Disney could open the door for a Marvel return as well

There is still a future in the Disney film world where Scarlett Johansson is a part of the House of Mouse.
Premiere Of Disney And Marvel's "Avengers: Infinity War" - Arrivals
Premiere Of Disney And Marvel's "Avengers: Infinity War" - Arrivals / Neilson Barnard/GettyImages

Scarlett Johansson at one point was so clearly out of the Disney film universe that a lawsuit almost guaranteed she was done with the company. Now, Johansson is set to make a return to Disney.

Johansson is still expected to take a significant if not a lead role in Disney's Tower of Terror movie based on the Disney attraction of the same ride.

This film is far from being written, far from being produced, and way out on the horizon of getting green-lit. The actors' strike and writer's strikes pushed back the film and now that both have ended, speculation is that writing on the film will resume.

If Johansson returns to the film as expected, it would be a great move for Disney who needed to mend some fences after the fallout from Black Widow's direct to Disney+ release.

Johansson told "The Today Show" that the project is still in development. She will be a producer of the film.

With Johansson back with Disney, is there a future return to the MCU? The last we saw of Black Widow was her jumping off the cliffs to get The Avengers the "Soul Stone."

Black Widow as a backstory to her character but is there a way to bring her back to the modern MCU?

Of course, it's flipping superheroes and in the comic world where you can kill Superman and bring him back you can surely kill a character like Black Widow and bring her back as well.

How might that look exactly? Well, Marvel could always go the Multiverse way and simply have her alive in another dimension but that would be too easy and honestly, not fun. But what about bringing her back into the current MCU timeline and universe?

I often speculated on this and wondered if the soul stone was literally a "soul for a soul" then when Steve Rodgers returned the soul stone, would that not also be a "soul for a soul"? Seems to me her soul should be released once the stone is returned.

For me, probably because it is my train of thought, that would make more sense than simply an alternate universe.

All of that being said, the fact that Johansson is returning to Disney is good news. She is a classic-style actress who brings her characters to life and it will be interesting to see how and who she plays in Tower of Terror.