Where does Secret Invasion take place in the MCU timeline?

Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury in Marvel Studios' SECRET INVASION, exclusively on Disney+. Photo by
Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury in Marvel Studios' SECRET INVASION, exclusively on Disney+. Photo by /

Marvel Studios' Secret Invasion finally premiered on Disney+ this week, giving Nick Fury his long-overdue standalone series. The series follows Fury (played by Samuel L. Jackson), former S.H.I.E.D. Director and founder of the Avengers, and his allies as they attempt to thwart an invasion from the Skrulls, a faction of shape-shifters.

Secret Invasion serves as the first television series in Marvel's Phase 5, but where exactly does that leave us in the MCU timeline?

According to Marvel's own description of the series, Secret Invasion is set "in the present-day MCU." More specifically, it's set after the events of Ant-Man and The Wasp: Quantumania. So it's technically the most recent story to be told in the MCU timeline which will almost certainly have lasting ramifications moving forward in Phase 5.

Now the MCU has been around for a long time and if you haven't been keeping up with every movie or show that's been released, you may be a little confused. So what's Nick Fury been up to?

As a quick recap, Fury was a victim of the Blip, dusted by Thanos' snap in Infinity War. Most recently, he played a huge role in Spider-Man: Far From Home but as we learned in the post-credits scene, the Fury we saw on screen was not the real one. Instead, it was the shapeshifting Skrull Talos (Ben Mendolsohn) disguised as Fury. As it turns out, the real Fury has been off-world, on a spaceship or space station with other Skrulls.

As Secret Invasion is now set in the present-day MCU and sees Fury join Everett Ross, Maria Hill and the Skrull Talos to stop the Skrull invasion, the series will almost certainly push the entire MCU forward. Hopefully, we can finally move on from the Blip and start working towards the next meaningful overarching story.

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Set to release later this year on Disney+ is Loki: Season 2 (October. 6, 2023) followed by Marvel's next big-screen adventure, The Marvels (November 10, 2023). It's already been confirmed that Secret Invasion takes place before The Marvels, which means this should serve as a nice lead-in for the next big movie blockbuster.