Should Disney ban recording of Podcasts and "live" journalism at their theme parks?

There is nothing worse than walking through a Disney World or Disneyland park and having to navigate around someone live streaming or podcast recording. It should be banned.
Sep 12, 2015; Auburn, AL, USA; Fans hold up cell phones on selfie sticks during Tiger Walk prior to
Sep 12, 2015; Auburn, AL, USA; Fans hold up cell phones on selfie sticks during Tiger Walk prior to / Shanna Lockwood-USA TODAY Sports

Walking through a Disney theme park should be fun because it will never be relaxing. The parks are crowded and most don't know where they are going. Add in the throngs of "influencers", bloggers, and others with a selfie stick, and it can become downright annoying.

Disney has banned the use of selfie-sticks in their parks but that hasn't stopped guests from flipping their phones, holding them out in front of themselves and vlogging while they walk. It is annoying and a heck of a lot more irritating than having your ankle run over by a stroller.

We don't drive our cars while we are recording blogs/vlogs or whatever you want to call them and let's be honest, no matter how much of a self-proclaimed expert you are, you can't walk straight and talk at the same time.

Does anyone really want to listen to someone talk into their phone while they are waiting in line?

It's bad enough when someone in line has the audacity to talk loudly on their phone to someone while you wait in line, it's far worse when the person next to you is recording a video about the ride, the line, and narrating the entire thing. Add to that them asking you politely to not talk as loud or to keep your kids out of their frames, is even worse.

I have been to plenty of Disney attractions and it is not only unacceptable to have to deal with the line squawkers videotaping everything and narrating everything in the process, but it is annoying to have the entire experience ruined on rides where guests share the experience.

While you are not supposed to technically "film" rides, they still do. Having someone narrate SOARIN next to you or the Living Land boat ride while you are enjoying a nice leisure cruise is starting to get to the point of wanting to throw the phone into the water.

I get it. For many of these people they are trying to show their experiences to those who may be planning at trip or may never go at all. I get it. There is also a way to do it with common courtesy.

For starters here is a quick list.

  • Don't get annoyed or ticked off when someone is talking around you.
  • Don't get mad when someone walks through your shot, everyone walks through a shot at Disney
  • If you want to "Vlog" find a place to sit down so you are not holding up everyone behind you
  • You don't have to film everything. If you need to "speak and narrate" do it away from the guests
  • No one needs to listen to you narrate the queue line

Plenty of guests tape their experiences at Disney World and Disneyland. There is nothing wrong with that. Everyone should but the "pro-vloggers" are ruining this and at some point, Disney is going to end up banning all of it. Eventually, someone is going to trip, fall, or hurt someone else and then guests won't be permitted to do things like this.

These people have become like Disney Paparazzi and it is becoming incredibly distracting. There are enough things to distract from Disney already.