Should you tip at a Disney World resort? Some think you should

Disney Resort hotels. Photo credit: Brian Miller
Disney Resort hotels. Photo credit: Brian Miller /

Disney is a wonderful place to visit and there is nothing like staying at an on-property resort but should tipping be in your mind?

A recent article on a Disney fan site,, discussed how much guests should consider tipping at a Disney resort. Specifically, housekeeping. That got me thinking; of all my stays at an on-property resort, I have never considered tipping unless I was at the bar. Does that make me cheap?

For context, I am an over-tipper in nature. I love rewarding great customer service with a tip. But when I stay at a hotel, I don't and when I am at Disney, it doesn't cross my mind.

If I am using a concierge service, a lunch/dinner/breakfast delivery, or the like, you bet I do. If I make special requests from housekeeping, I absolutely tip, but I don't tend to do any of that. So, should I leave an envelope on the dresser for the housekeepers who come in to clean up after me?

Perhaps I am cheap because no, I don't. First, I don't leave a mess for anyone to clean. I pick up and take out my own trash, I don't leave food in the garbage cans, I wipe down the sinks and shower, put al l the towels in a neat pile in the bathroom, and straighten my bed before I walk out the door.

I am of the horribly accepted belief that housekeepers are getting an hourly wage that is not predicated on tips. They get minimum wage just like everyone else.

At Disney, they are paid, and many belong to a union, giving them decent benefits as well. It simply doesn't make sense to me, especially when I am literally throwing hundreds and maybe thousands of dollars just to stay in a resort and go to the parks.

If you tip, that is great of you, and I am sure they appreciate it, but I don't think anyone should feel pressured to do so if they don't already.