SOARIN Over California is coming to Disney Worlds' EPCOT for limited return run and this is when you can expect it

Have you ever ridden SOARIN and wondered what the original experience was like? Well, you are about to get that chance if you can get to EPCOT in the next month or so.
The 2nd best attraction at EPCOT - Soarin. Photo credit: Brian Miller
The 2nd best attraction at EPCOT - Soarin. Photo credit: Brian Miller /

Disney announced that a return of SOARIN' Over California is returning to EPCOT on September 22nd and will be a limited run during the 100th Anniversary celebration.

The California experience on the ride took guests on a wonderful tour of Cali from the San Francisco Bay area into canyons and even a golf course. Travel again over the orange groves.

SOARIN' changed in 2016 when it left California behind to take guests around the world instead. Gone were the groves and the USS John C. Stennis as well as Malibu Beach but in their place guests were taken to Greenland and Switzerland. To Germany and China. You see the Taj Majal and Mount Kilimanjaro.

This limited return has no set end date but it is pretty cool that they are bringing it back for the 100th Anniversary of Disney.

While there hasn't been any hints just yet, some are wondering if SOARIN Around the World will get an upgrade as well upon its return. The current attraction has been running at EPCOT without change for seven years which in Disney terms isn't really all that long.

The D23 event that took place over the weekend in both Orlando and Anaheim revealed big changes to several other attractions including the Country Bear Jamboree update, a complete re-imagining of Test Track at EPCOT as well as new designs at Animal Kingdom what will include an Encanto themed area and Dinsoaur being re-themed as Indiana Jones.