Sorry but this is the worst attraction at EPCOT, feel free to argue

EPCOT is a favorite of many Disney World fans and typically a must visit park when heading to Orlando but one ride has run its course.
The EPCOT ball is seen from the monorail in an image prior to the massive construction project that
The EPCOT ball is seen from the monorail in an image prior to the massive construction project that /

There is something almost relaxing about EPCOT that you don't tend to get at other parks. There isn't as much of a rush at EPCOT if that makes sense. In a sense, it's an outdoor shop around the world with some rides mixed in.

At EPCOT, the best rollercoaster in any Disney park can be found, that is Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind. It simple doesn't get old but if you are looking for the worst attraction...EPCOT has one of those too.

EPCOT - Figment Imagination
The entry point to Imagination, a Figment ride. Photo Credit: Brian Miller /

Figment is a beloved icon of EPCOT and this is not about dissing the cute little purple dragon but through the years, Journey into Imagination has gone through several changes and what is left is nothing short of a waste of time.

The most interesting part of Journey is the wait in line. It is here you get to pass the lab doors to some of Disney's greatest scientists. Proff Brainard from The Absent Minded Professor as well as Robin Williams' remake. Wayne Szalinski from Honey I Shrunk the Kids and some others.

The ride itself is great for younger kids who simply want to take a ride but overall, it's a bore fest and once my kids hit about 10, the eagerness to ride it dropped considerably. Luckily for me, my 4 year old has more interest in other rides.

Making this area worse is that the venue is quite large and also is home to a theater that plays Disney shorts. It's like a throwaway to this part of the park that is only redeemed by Winnie the Pooh standing outside on the lawn waving to guests.

At some point, EPCOT may not to make some expansions or some additions and this is one of the first areas I would target losing, at the very least give Figment something far more worthy of his imagination because this isn't it.