Space Mountain has an underrated line queue that is actually quite nice

Space Mountain
Space Mountain / Central Press/GettyImages

Space Mountain is one of the oldest rides at Disney World yet it remains a top attraction and a fun dark rollercoaster. It also has one of the better lines.

Waiting for a ride at any theme park can be quite boring. Typically, there is only so much to entertain you. At Magic Kingdom, if you have ridden 7 Dwarfs Mine Ride, you will probably agree that the wait line is more enjoyable than the ride itself. From the gems and interactive additions, the line can go pretty smoothly.

At Space Mountain, there is no interactive stand-by lane. It's almost a straight shot from the entry door to the ride corridor. Once you get into the ride corridor, there you get to enjoy the turnstile lines but those are typically not very long.

The stand-by lane, however, is at the very least, enjoyable. A space-style decor greats you and you can follow along with star charts, planetary projections, and a dark hall with blue lighting that adds to the aura surrounding the ride.

Space Mountain
Space Mountain line queue. Image courtesy Brian Miller /

For whatever reason, the line feels relaxing. It is almost zen-like. Inside, cool, which is great on a hot day, and simple things to look at as you make your way through the line. What is also pretty cool is when the ride is finally over, the exit lane also gives you more to look at as you are leaving.

From the ups and downs from the entry lane to the ups and downs upon exit, the subtle yet not invasive line is probably one of the most relaxing at Disney World.