Star Tours: 10 planets that Disney should add to the classic Star Wars ride

"90210" Co-Stars Matt Lanter And Michael Steger At Disneyland
"90210" Co-Stars Matt Lanter And Michael Steger At Disneyland / Handout/GettyImages
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First appearing in the Fallen Order video game, Nur made its live-action debut in Obi-Wan Kenobi. This massive, partially underwater base is both a prison and a training ground for the feared Inquisitors. Star Tours already knows how to do underwater levels like Naboo, but this has the added danger of Imperial forces attacking, which can make for a more exciting trip. 


Resembling the fabled Nar Shadda, this world is a cityscape much like the Coruscant sections Star Tours uses. However, it comes off far more sinister between the various criminal elements as well as the occasional Imperial presence. Racing across the flying skyways with more twists than the galactic center can be a refreshing change for the ride. 


Star Wars Rebels fans will know this planet, which will also appear in the upcoming Ahsoka series. The mix of high-tech cities and wide-open desert plains lend themselves well to the Star Tours experience as the speeders can zip around towers and across the roadways and maybe chase some smugglers to bring this fan-favorite world to life.