Star Tours: 10 planets that Disney should add to the classic Star Wars ride

"90210" Co-Stars Matt Lanter And Michael Steger At Disneyland
"90210" Co-Stars Matt Lanter And Michael Steger At Disneyland / Handout/GettyImages
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A very important planet in Star Wars lore, Corellia is Han Solo’s home world and produces some amazing pilots. It finally appeared in the Solo movie and is a good mix of industrial worlds and some ocean areas that can lend themselves well to the ride. The speeders can fly over the roadways to escape Imperials and maybe catch a glimpse of the Millenium Falcon with Han paying his home world a visit. 


A highlight of Solo is Han and his crew trying to pull off a heist on this icy world. The key part would be the speeder whizzing by a levitating rail train and perhaps taking fire from stormtroopers on top of it. Ten to one, some explosion knocks the train off the track to add to the trip bringing some heat to this cold planet. 


It’s not so much the planet itself that would be a big deal but what’s around it. The industrial mining world has some interesting locations, but it’s more famous for the Kessel Run that Han Solo made in a record 12 parsecs. So the speeders would be racing through these hyperspace tunnels and probably avoiding one of the huge space monsters who might attack them as they attempt to break Han’s record.